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Disneyland 2001

Welcome to Disneyland!

We went to Anahiem, CA with Vicky, Mike, and Stephanie. This was the first time for Tori and Brianna. The girls enjoy the trip very much. There was so much to see and do that the girls were overwelmed. It was a day never to forget. This was also the first time for Chris and Patricia since the California Adventure was added. This was also the first vacation for us as a family. Thank you Vicky for the vacation and the wonderfull time. We enjoyed ourselves very much. It was fun having you and Mike there to share it with.

Alice in Wonderland, Where's Brianna?

Ready to go for a spin?

It's a small world


It's a small world again

Chris and Tori over here!

There they are

Stephanie, Vicky, Chris, and Tori

I'll pump you up

Tori and Pooh Bear

Hello up there, Tori and Vicky!

Trisha, Chris, Tori, and Brianna

What a hug!